Beautiful Client Proposals In Half The Time

Online Proposal Software For Freelancers and Agencies


Build Proposals Fast

Snap together text, headers, fees and time schedules to build up your proposals in record time.

Save repetitive content to your "snippets drawer" for use in future proposals.

Use "smart codes" like {{client_full_name}} in your content and Highfive will automagically insert client details to avoid embarrassing spelling mistakes.

Impress Your Clients

If you're tired of watching your word processor lose all your formatting every time you make a tiny change, you will fall in love with Highfive's styling system.

Simple select one of our professionally designed proposal themes and create a fresh new look in seconds, not hours.

You can even create your own custom themes with html and css to match your own personal branding.

Centralize Your Workflow

Printing proposals, faxing them to clients and using your inbox to keep track of your sales is enough to send anyone insane.

Instead, manage and deliver all your proposals to your clients from your Highfive dashboard.

Save even more time by allowing clients to view, comment and accept your proposals online at your own secure Highfive account.

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